About Us

Akshay Jhanjee, the founder of Khyber Grill Caterers, is a second-generation restaurateur and caterer. The son of Raja Jhanjee, co-owner of the famous Bukhara Grill in NYC, Jhanjee first learned his craft by working alongside his father since the tender age of 14.  Akshay went through an extended period of training in every hospitality department from restaurant, catering, bar & banquets. He eventually branched off in 2011 by opening a restaurant in the heart of New Jersey, South Plainfield and has now established a phenomenal reputation in the South- Asian restaurant and catering business. Popular by the name of Khyber Grill Restaurant and Caterers, his very first enterprise was awarded the best Indian Restaurant two years in a row by New Jersey Monthly magazine. Accolades only continue to grow since then.
Khyber Grill Caterers currently owns two units,Tashan: Divine Indian Dining In West Caldwell, NJ & Peshawri Grill: Frontier Indian Cuisine In Mahwah,NJ

We at Khyber Grill Caterers are committed to going above and beyond our clients’ expectations and desires. Our commitment is shown not only in our quality & service but also on the presentation of our cuisine.

The passion of our CEO Akshay Jhanjee is reflected into our entire team. Jhanjee who is a 2nd generation restaurateur emphasizes the word PASSION to all at Khyber Grill Caterers. Jhanjee’s thirst for knowledge and developing dynamic new ideas.


“Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity.”

Presentation is our biggest asset, We not only guarantee exceptional cuisine but go the extra distance to make sure our food is presented in a very authentic yet modern presentation. We offer fruit carvings, ice carvings, Live Viennese show & much more.

At Khyber Grill Caterers, our commitment to our customers is paramount to our operational philosophy. Our strength lies in our expertise in the logistics and management of our modern commercial kitchen, focusing on the requirements of our clients. Our secret is simple, We customize to our clients’ desires to ensure a memorable occasion.


This commitment can be tasted in ever exquisite bite.  Our unique and personal events and menus encourage you to celebrate! So join us as our next distinguished guest where ordinary is simply not on the menu.

Great events don’t just happen by themselves. Khyber Grill Caterers has mastered the art of entertaining and we are committed to providing impeccable service and exceptional cuisine in any setting. Our dedication to using only the best, organic, local and seasonal ingredients is merged with the world of fine dining.


Food & Hygiene

We are perfection driven with a yearning to give exceptional service and quality, and are glad to be viewed as a very much rumored and exceptionally recognized caterer inside the South- Asian event industry.

Our menus offer exceptional quality dishes and we pride ourselves in using the highest quality produce, and fresh ingredients which will ensure your guests savor a taste to remember. We reinvent traditional dishes with a stylish and modern twist and present them in contemporary way.

The majority of our staff are completely prepared and have accomplished accreditations in Food Hygiene, Food Safety and also Health and Safety training

At Khyber Grill Caterers we maintain an extremely strict nourishment safety and cleanliness approach, which we guarantee from the sourcing of raw materials, storage, prepping, cooking and transportation.

All our staff is exceptionally prepared and we constantly are up to date with the latest in the most recent nourishment cleanliness equipment. Our staff uses all precautions while executing your event.